Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ART+LIFE (?) Month!

Does life imitate art? Does art imitate life? Or do life and art behave the way 7th graders do at a dance, keeping their distance and eyeing each other suspiciously, with the only mingling being that one cool kid who claimed he got to second base, but, then, he's always saying stuff...

Those are the questions on my mind, so join me as throughout the month of February, or until I get bored, I explore Art+Life (?) -- categories of The Best which will attempt to show just who's copying who, for once and for all, to demonstrate that life and art may not overlap at all, ever -- or at least not as much as people think they do.

And also to prove that, no, he didn't get to second base.

Life+Art (?) nominations:

The Five Best Things About The Suburbs, As Proven By "The 'Burbs," And Which Are Not As Bad As Movies And Books Claim...

The Best Way To Make Money, Apparently...

The Best REAL Dinosaur.

The Seven Best Songs That Show What Love Is Really Like

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