Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's missing from your search?

What's missing from your searches? You go to Google, or Yahoo, or or wherever it is you go to search for things on the Internet, and you get results, and you think because there's a hundred bajillion results, that nothing's missing, right?

But there is something missing. A few things missing. I'll tell you what they are.

First, you're missing out on relevant results. What good are a hundred bajillion answers if you don't know which answer is the right one for you? Do you trust Google to make that decision for you? Do you even know how Google does that? I don't. For all I know, Google rankings are created via chimps-playing-darts. I mean, if that's a good enough system for the Electoral College to use, why wouldn't Google use it?

If you don't want your search results ranked by chimps-playing-darts, how do you want them ranked? How about by people, people who have searched for the same things you have and then voted up or voted down website results, so that you know that other people searching for your things picked a particular result?

Well, you can get that.

But what else is missing from your search?

How about making money? Do you make money off of your searches? 'Cause I do, now. The more I search, the more money I make -- which means that I'm making money by not knowing things. It's my dream job!

But what else is missing from your search?

How about the chance to be a star? Do you want to be on TV? Be famous? Move to Hollywood and rub elbows with Gary Busey? How about all of that but the Gary Busey?

I can do that, too, with my search.

I can do all of that: get relevant results, make money, and be a star, because I search using Scour. That's right: Scour. Take a look at their logo:


Scour is the newest search engine on the web and also the only one I'm using. Scour gets better results than any search engine I've ever seen -- and they do that by checking what all the other search engines do, then ranking them through people's votes and other information, so that you get a broader spectrum of results and more variations of results. I did a search for "celebrity blogs" on Scour and the first few results led me to sites listing all of those blogs, plus a new one I'd never heard of before.

And I got paid to do that -- paid to look up things that I didn't know. Because by registering with Scour, I get points every time I search, and I can cash in those points for gift cards. Get paid to do what I was going to do anyway? How can I lose with that?

Scour is looking to spread the word, which is where the Hollywood-less-Busey part comes in: Scour wants you to make a Scour Commercial . The site explains the details and rules -- it's basically a 45-second commercial that you load onto Youtube -- and you have to do it by February 15 -- and if yours is picked, you'll be on the Scour Home page, have a chance to be in the national ad campaign, and get a $500 gift card.

You can't beat that. You really can't. So what's missing from your search? Nothing -- if you search with Scour.


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