Monday, February 23, 2009

The TBOE Comment Roundup.

This week in The Best Commenters:

Supercommenter/Awesomewriter Lisa Pepin, whose blog "Lost In Provence" should be required reading for people who (a) breathe or (b) exist, had this to say about the most recent Supervillain post:

"Chillblaine," that's the perfect brand name for your business leg warmers. Though it sounds like you should add a line of mittens as well. But they'd have to be mittens you could type in. Or they'd have to be so expensively-priced that they would inspire the kind of awe and respect that would get you out of doing such mundane tasks as typing while at work. Also, thanks for posting a picture of Duckie Dale. I didn't realize how much I had missed him until I saw his face (and gold jacket and ultra-feminine lapel pin) again.

Sure, Lisa, you say you missed Duckie Dale -- but you missed him as a friend, right? A really good friend, of course... but the Duckies of the world reside forever in the Friend Zone. But you are right that "Chillblaine" would be marketing genius, and I would be all over marketing them except that I'm trying to find my own "Wonder Sauna Hot Pants."

Hannes joins Lisa in liking that post, saying:

lol, that pic is funny :)

Hannes writes a blog called "Better World Thinking." His site says that It is the mission of "Better World Thinking" to share ideas with you, mainly on ecology, its going together with economy, corporate social responsibility, and green marketing, but not at all limited to it. Anything is possible! If you have feedback or other great ideas, let us know.

I can't imagine what it's like to actually contribute something positive to the world; Hannes, let me know.

Moving on from supervillainy, Claudia, read the "Give All Your Love To Me" Minibest and then found for me the original video that I couldn't find for The Sun Always Shines On TV and notes this:

... apparently the UK did want that kind of dark song: it hit nr. 1 there.

I've gone back and added the original video to the post, and I just want to say that I'm not surprised that music fans in the UK liked something dark and depressing; they've been down a bit ever since the United States kicked their butts in the Revolutionary War using just grit and moxie and a robotic George Washington armed with explosive wooden teeth.

However, because you went above and beyond the call of duty, Claudia, if you contact me at my email address and give me your mailing address, I'll send you your choice of a copy of either Do Pizza Samples Really Exist? Or Thinking The Lions, And 117* Other Ways Of Looking At Life (*Give Or Take.)

Finally, a person I want to get to know better, "Make Money from Blogging," checked in after reading "The Best Way To Make Money, Apparently," and noted that

I think there are real TV shows with twist of comedy :)

Which I'm hoping is not intended to dissuade me from going ahead with my idea for making money off my kids, because if I scratch that plan, it's back to the old drawing board.*

(*"drawing board" = powerball tickets bought with money meant to pay the mortgage.)

Thanks for the comments, and if you'd like your own free book or t-shirt or free opportunity to babysit my twins for roughly 16 years, go the extra mile like Claudia did and point it out to me!

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lisapepin said...

For the record, I liked Duckie as more than a friend. I pictured us holding hands at flea markets and rolling up one another's blazer sleeves to the proper length. When Annie Potts's character said he kissed as if he had been practicing on melons, I wanted a taste.