Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome a New TBOE Reader!

The newest fan of my work on Digg, Aloo-Ha, hails from San Francisco -- one of the greatest cities ever, even if the cable cars do break down a lot -- and is 23 years old.

That's all I know about him. That, and he's my friend on Digg, and he had the good taste to declare himself a fan of mine.

So look him up and tell him you're a fan of mine, too.

Oh, and he knows how to take a creative profile picture, which is a rare talent. I foresee a day when an entire industry springs up to create profile pictures that are instantly identifiable, project information about the person, and are unique. We'll do away with head shots and pictures of babies and kittens, and instead, will use our new, professionally-designed profile pictures, as a sort of coat-of-arms. And Aloo-Ha will lead the way.

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