Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ah, nostalgia!

Remember as a kid when you played with Tonka trucks? Road graders, dump trucks, bulldozers, all kinds of large machines? I did -- taking them out to the backyard where my parents had a flower and rock garden that would be dug up and rerouted and was the future site for all kinds of construction projects. Of course, my Tonka trucks were also from time to time driven by my "Greedo" action figure and were used to try to kill Luke Skywalker in a sort of space-construction-war. But I still played with trucks as a kid.

Some lucky guys went from playing with trucks to using them in business. Being able to do that would be the best possible thing about being a construction worker: driving for real the kind of equipment we had to push around with our hands as kids.

Al Asher & Sons know the pleasures of driving around the big equipment, and they know the pleasure of selling the big equipment to you. They've got all kinds of heavy equipment trucks: Bucket trucks, cranes, cable pullers and more, and they know how to sell them and service them -- they've been in business since 1914 and you don't stay in business for nearly a century without being good at what you do, and what Al Asher & Sons do is sell and rent and service trucks and related equipment. They'll even help you get financing if you need that.

And you DO need it, because when you browse around their site, you're going to want to buy stuff. A lot of stuff. Heck, I want to buy a lot of stuff, and the only reasons I haven't yet are (a) Sweetie won't tell me where my credit cards are, and (b) our driveway's pretty full already. But the temptation is still there -- looking at their sales record and the service they provide, I'd be crazy not to buy one of their cable pullers or trucks or cranes. Or so I'll tell Sweetie.

I just wonder if they can sell me a life-size Greedo to go with it.

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