Sunday, February 15, 2009

The TBOE Roundup: This week's comments.

While you were lingering over The Seven Best Songs That Show What Love Is Really Like, and while I was smoldering over the fact that scientists aren't happy with having jobs that don't require any actual work but instead have to go around inventing fake dinosaurs when there are perfectly good dinosaurs to serve as The Best Real Dinosaur, here's what others were looking at and what they were saying about those things they were looking at:

Lamar was reading up on The Best Christmas Song, and had this to say:

I know the worst Christmas song...Paul McCartney's Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime"

Just awwwweful!

Um... Don't read this, Lamar.

Meanwhile, "Anonymous" took in The Best Superhero, and put in his two cents' worth. (Should that be "two cent's worth," or "two cents worth" or "two cents' worth?" I'm not sure. Does it matter? Probably. Do I care? It's still early and my Red Pop doesn't have enough caffeine, so no.)

I do agree, Old batman is my favourite, but he isnt SUPER, like punisher, hes the man but not super. (punisher is the ducks nuts though)

BUT, spiderman is a pussy. Seriously. Im fairly sure i could beat him in a fight.

IMO there is no "best" superhero, as theyre all good at different things.

Based on clues within that comment, I've figured out who Anonymous has to be:

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