Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You had me at "$11.99 for the next few days."

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Odds are, if you’re like me at least, that most of your music and entertainment now comes to you via your computer.
(If you’re like me, there’s other things that are probably true, like “You probably had leftover pizza for breakfast today” but let’s focus on entertainment for now.)
I get about 90% of my music off my computer, and I get a lot of my news and non-musical entertainment off the computer, too.  When home, I play my music off iTunes and listen to podcasts all from our laptop, and I tend to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix on the laptop, too, or sometimes on Mr F and Mr Bunches’ iPad.  Meanwhile, in the office, where I used to have a radio/boombox to listen to cassette tapes (my God I’m old) I now do the same thing:  the computer is the entertainment system).
Which means that most of my entertainment is coming through something that wasn’t designed for high-quality sound.  Did you ever look at the speaker your laptop has? It’s TINY.  I thought my laptop speaker was a USB port at first.  Then I learned it was smaller than that. (Ba dum BOM!)
So you want a good speaker, if you’re going to listen to quality entertainment like I do – I really want the CB radio interludes in the song “Convoy” to sound crystal clear – and that’s why I’ve been considering getting one of those cool new red Lenovo speaker, the  Lenovo speaker M0620.
Have you seen them? They’re awesome-looking: cool color, small size, that’s all great, but the important thing is they work great, too.
They plug into your USB port, so they don’t need a second power source, and they can be used with everything from a smartphone to a desktop.  And the cord spools in, so you can store them easily and not have dangling cords all over the place.
But sound is the important thing, and Lenovo says these little speakers have built-in amplifiers which gives 4 watts of powerful sound.
So it’s more compact, less mess, fewer cords, looks better, and it’s really portable – I could have it at home and then carry it with me when I take the laptop on the road, or take it back and forth to work in my briefcase, although then Sweetie might get upset that SHE doesn’t get great sound, so maybe I’d better get two, which is fine because from May 15 to May 21, these little babies cost only $11.99 each, so they’re not even expensive. I’m sold.  Great sound, here I come.
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PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I already have a Squeezebox Boom for wireless sound. It was about 20x the price but it does a lot of other stuff too.

Andrew Leon said...

Most of my music comes through the computer these days, too. I didn't realize how bad the sound was until the first time I popped a CD into the new car (which was a while ago), and I re-discovered that there is a bass line in U2's music. It was amazing!