Monday, May 07, 2012

The Great 100-day, 100-question, it's not too much for me, Stephen Hayes, Star Wars Blogathon!

SO! The WHAMMY! question... I wonder who won it this time around?

A couple of announcements first:

A.  I've decided that the important thing about the WHAMMY! question isn't wagering before you try to answer.  Since this week the Big Four all answered and only 1 hadn't looked up the answer and that was the hardest question I could come up with, the important thing is WHAMMY!ing.  So while two of the Big Four didn't wager beforehand, ehhh, who cares?

B.  I've decided, too, that since the odds of people entering at this point are slim and apparently the allure of free books is nil, I'm going to make the last 10 questions ALL WHAMMY! questions; so from now until question 91, the regular format will hold, but the last 10 questions will be FINAL BLOGATHON when the scores can really change.

C.  Any interest in doing that final Triweekly Blogfest Challenge? 

And now the results of the WHAMMY! for this week:

Hmm. Hard to see on that.  Michael was answer number 3, so he Whammy!ied.  And suddenly, it's a race, with PT getting within 4,000 of Sith Lord Andrew Leon.  (Standings here.)

Here's question 71, worth 50 points, because I'm going to make them all be worth 50 points from here on out.  What the heck. The rules is there ain't no rules.

What does this picture say, when translated, and what is it referring to?

You ask for hard, you get... I'm not finishing that sentence.


Stephen Hayes said...

I hope you took my comment as the compliment it was intended to be. I truly am amazed at your incredible level of energy.

Stephen Hayes

Andrew Leon said...

It means, "No star wars! Stop SDI! SDAJ"
It's a protest against the Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as Star Wars.

Rusty Webb said...

It means, "Steve is a Wookie! Stop making fun!"

Hard to believe I've never studied a foreign language. Well, except for Spanish, but that really isn't foreign.