Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Great 100-or-so-days, 100 Question Star Wars Blogathon Question 65

There's no real post to go with this, but you do have that whole superheroes post down below, and it makes a reference to a forgotten hit of the 80s, so what more do you want from me, my soul?  Well you can't have it.

Here's question 65, worth 32 points:

In what year was Star Wars released as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope?

Commenter 3 gets 10 extra points (but can't be commenter 2), the last commenter gets 10 extra points.  

UPDATES: Andrew proved to me that he did get his WHAMMY! answer in on time and that he was also correct, so there is a new leader in the standings!  All Hail Sith Lord Andrew Leon.  (I can't remember what his name was the first time around.)(Andrew, you can choose your new name as the only returning leader.)

Other updates: remember,I'M EXTENDING THE DEADLINE BY ONE WEEK!  Write your blogfest entry! The Tri(?)weekly Blogfest Challenge -- prize is $10 -- is to post something on the theme of "Han shot first, but Time-Traveling Elvis shot second" by April 29.  Leave a link to your post in the comments to this post. You'll get 100 points for posting it, plus 5 for mentioning the blogathon.  Get it in by next Sunday, whatever day that is.

You can get 1,000 points by mentioning the Yellow Hill fundraiser on your blog; here's the post where I explain that, and you can  click here to go directly to the Yellow Hill fundraising page.  If you don't want the points, you can in the alternative link to/mention it and get a free book of mine.(Find my books here.) (If you've done this, leave me a link and I'll get you the points.)  This one ends in a week.

And I'm going to put another bounty out: 500 points if you get Julian Darius, or anyone from Martian Lit, to leave a comment here. 

Here are the Star Wars Blogathon standings; check your point total here.


Andrew Leon said...

Star Wars was renamed Star Wars: A New Hope on Sept 21, 2004.

Rusty Webb said...

I think that was 1981

Rusty Webb said...


Rusty Webb said...

And Andrew has almost 15k points? Geez. He can take the rest of the summer off and still walk away the winner. Holy Cow.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, if I don't at least participate in the whammies, I can still lose. It's not my fault everyone else took a day off.

Oh, and I did have to look this one up, and the answer I found said the change was made with the release of one of the boxed sets on VHS.

I know when I was a kid it was still just Star Wars.