Monday, May 14, 2012

Kurt Russell almost was your Luke Skywalker? (The Star Wars Blogathon)

I once went to watch my brother run in the Chicago Marathon (an occasion that saw me using my high school literature class as a navigational system) and standing at mile 26 was somewhat like watching this weekend on the Blogathon:  I want to cheer on the people who are struggling to keep their feet moving one step ahead at a time, but, honestly, I also want to just go home.

So I don't blame people for dropping out or not showing up every day -- but those who do now have a commanding lead, as nobody WHAMMYied this week: only PT and Andrew answered, and so the dreaded number 3 answer didn't come up.  But nobody gained on anyone, either: the same margin still separates Sith Lord Andrew Leonian (Andrew, come up with something better; I'm using what little creativity I have to make up metaphors for this Blogathon) and PT, who now have nearly 12 times Rusty's score.  But remember: the last 10 questions are all WHAMMY! questions, because doing it that way makes the previous 90 questions more or less pointless.  Hey, people love it when basketball does that with its regular season, so it'll work here, right?

Today's question, Question 77, worth 50 points, as always, with the last commenter getting 40 points:   

What director held joint casting sessions with George Lucas when Lucas cast Star Wars, and what movie was he casting for?


Andrew Leon said...

Who was Brian De Palma for the movie Carrie?

How's that?

Andrew Leon said...

I've been so busy working on my secret project that I haven't had a chance to think of anything better. Maybe I'll have some time in the next couple of days, though?

Briane P said...

Secret project?

Now I'm not going to be able to concentrate on anything else until I konw what it is.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, hopefully, there will be an announcement at the end of the week or early next week. Just waiting on some cover art from someone.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Cover art from someone is probably why Rusty is dropping off the blogging grid this week.

It's hard to see Kurt Russell as Luke Skywalker. He would have made a better Han Solo, though not as good as Harrison Ford.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, this thing I'm waiting for is actually a very small thing, so it's probably not -the- reason.