Friday, May 11, 2012

"Just like every cowboy, sings a sad, sad song," every Star Wars Reference has its predecessor. (The Star Wars Blogathon)

The title of yesterday's Blogathon post referred to this little-known gem:

That's Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues, and I'm not sure why it was in my head yesterday, but I'm glad it was because while the comments on this blog are always good, Rusty Webb nailed it with his story of acoustical weddings gone wrong:

I used to play guitar at weddings, and after forgetting a particular piece I was performing for the bride during her march down the isle (it was supposed to be, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire, by J.S. Bach) I totally drew a blank halfway through her march and so I started playing Every Rose has it's Thorn, by Poison. Seriously, she marched down the isle while folks were humming Bret Michaels lyrics under their breath.

Every since that fateful day I have refused to play versions of anything at any time. I found I don't perform that well under pressure. So I choose to not perform at all.

So much at work in that comment!  Not only did it make me laugh, it also made me hum Every Rose Has It's Thorn AND it called to mind the classic Seinfeld episode:

For that, I award Rusty the 100 points; nobody got it right, per se (Andrew was closest) but Rusty's story was worth 100 points.  Besides, Andrew got the Kurosawa influence correct. 

Today's question, question 75!  Worth 50 points!  is as follows:

What thing from Star Wars actually got its name from an Edgar Rice Burroughs creation (and what was the Burroughs creation?)

Last commenter gets 40 points again. And, to close out the post with another video:

Want to know a true story?  Sweetie's best friend appears in that video.  Right at 3:09; she's the girl crying.  Here's a close-up:

So now you know a guy who's married to a girl who knows someone who once cried on an MTV video.


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Your wife is quite beautiful. I'm happy that I get to hobknob with the Pagels for they are the only celebrities that I know.

For the record...I didn't really ever care for "Poison" but maybe that has to do more with me being gay and just not liking the big hair as much as cute and less rugged guys. I have no idea. After 40-years of being gay I'm still figuring things out. You straight people have it so easy.

As for the Star Wars question, I'm going to guess Sith. I wondered for decades what a Sith was because it was Darth Vaders' title but it was never explained in the movies until the prequels hit. But I know the word appears in John Carter.

Rusty Webb said...

On my god. It's Wookies, isn't it?

I'm glad the curse I laid at the feet of the poor girl that was getting married that day continues to delight all these years later.

Andrew Leon said...

Wow! That was a great question! I had no clue and was getting nowhere in looking for the answer until Michael supplied the word. So, to finish the answer, the sith are large, predatory insects native to Kaol.

I tip my hat to you both!

Andrew Leon said...

One of these days I'll actually get around to reading some Burroughs.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Damn it, I saw the question when it appeared and then boss's boss had some big important project that needed done so I couldn't look up the answer.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Now I wonder if they took that Simpsons episode where Otto's fiancee dumps him when he gets a Poison band to play at the wedding from Rusty's story.