Friday, May 04, 2012

The Great 100-day more or less 100 question Star Wars Blogathon Question 67!

As I am working from home today, and I am actually working from home, for a change, because ordinarily when I say that I'm, you know, not working, I'm just going to post this question quick before I get back to suing banks to keep the economy from ever recovering because a recovered economy is bad for (my) business.

So question 67, worth 28 points is:

Who executed Secura?

BONUS TODAY: Just for funsies, commenter number 2 gets to designate a number of the commenter after "2", and that number will get 50 points... but commenter number 2 can only get the points if someone comments in between commenter number 2 and that comment.

Got it? Confusing enough? That's what I do.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

clone troopers killed her as part of Order 66. Or did they bring her back to life in some comic or TV show? Anyway, that's my answer.

BTW, I thought yesterday was question 67.

Andrew Leon said...

Um... she was executed by clone troopers, Commander Bly, specifically, received the order.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh... well, dude, I was commenter #2. Let's make it fun and, say, have commenter #11 get the points.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I don't have an answer to this, but I think Andrew is somehow rigging this commenting thing because he double posted.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, I didn't mean to double post. I thought I was going to be first, but Grumpy published his comment before me, so I was 2nd. And, now, I'm eligible, according to the rules, to get the points, because you commented after my comment.
So, maybe, that is rigging it.

Andrew Leon said...

And I could just sit here and comment a bunch until I'm #11, but I'll be nice and -not- do that.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Ha ha, you would have been first if you hadn't had to be so specific. I always thought the whole clone army thing was weird. Especially when in the movie they revealed that they were all cloned from the same guy. I mean how does that work when you're all sitting around in the mess hall? Or in the shower? I guess it'd be kind of pointless trying to check out another guy's rod then since you know it'd be the same as yours. Think how easy it would be then if one guy is going out with a chick to go over there and pretend you're him to get some action. But really were they programmed with individual personalities? Was it kind of like on the Sims 2 where I can set different zodiac signs, likes, dislikes, and goals?

Andrew Leon said...

Well... it was one of those "too easy" answers for me, so I had to look to see if there was individual credited for the kill. Like Cody with Obi-Wan.

I suppose a correct answer would also be something like "a clone of Jango Fett."

Rusty Webb said...


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Who likes points?

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I like points.

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