Thursday, May 10, 2012

They refused to play acoustic versions of the songs they'd refused to play in the first place. (The Star Wars Blogathon)

Without very much ado:

Question 74:  Name the two main characters, and the film they appeared in, by the director who is widely given credit for influencing George Lucas' creation of Star Wars?

And, for no particular reason, a live version of Mission Bells by Couer de Pirate:

Well, not for no reason.  I listened to it while I wrote this post.

Bonus non-Star Wars question: Name the song the title to this post alludes to. (For 100 points.)


Andrew Leon said...

The film: The Hidden Fortress
The director: Akira Kurosawa
The characters: Tahei and Matakishi

Telling the story from the perspective of R2-D2 and C-3PO was inspired by the above.

I'll have to think about the song...

Andrew Leon said...

The best I can figure out is that you're talking about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana refusing to play an encore of their hits for their unplugged show with MTV since they had refused to play any of their hits to begin with. Except for "Come as You Are," which they did play. Other than that song, I don't see that it could be referring to anyone specifically.

Rusty Webb said...

Or, the title of this post could refer to me, I used to play guitar at weddings, and after forgetting a particular piece I was performing for the bride during her march down the isle (it was supposed to be, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire, by J.S. Bach) I totally drew a blank halfway through her march and so I started playing Every Rose has it's Thorn, by Poison. Seriously, she marched down the isle while folks were humming Bret Michaels lyrics under their breath.

Every since that fateful day I have refused to play versions of anything at any time. I found I don't perform that well under pressure. So I choose to not perform at all.