Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wherein I Talk About Free Things, And Use The Word "Butt."


1.  What's great?

A:  Stuff.

2.  What's better than stuff?

A:  Free stuff.

3.  What's better than free stuff?

A:  Free stuff that you get without even getting up off your butt.

SCORING: If you answered "A" to each question, minus 3 points because it wasn't multiple choice, it was essay.

Anyway, I'm all excited today because I found this website that'll let me get (you guessed it if you got question 3 right on the quiz) free samples by mail 2012 and other free stuff.

(For the record? In response to question 3 I said "Space President John Tyler," who I think we can agree is in fact better than free stuff but that's besides the point right now.)

The website is called "All Free Samples," and I found it because I have spent all of my allowance this week -- Mr Bunches suckered me into going to Target twice and the second time around is always more expensive than the first, and so I ended up buying him this Hot Wheel set that goes on the wall and yeah, cool, but I'm getting distracted -- I was looking for free stuff that I could buy so that I could get some stuff, too, and I found All Free Samples.

All Free Samples is this kind of cool mixture of free-stuff-by-mail, interesting offers,free movie downloads and more.  Like right now they've got a little blurb about how if Taco Cabana gets 100,000 followers by April 30, they'll give away free tacos.  And they've got an offer to create a free photobook for your mom for Mother's Day, and really, Mom doesn't have to know it was free, right? She's always saying it's the thought that counts so you could get her that and just not mention that it was free.

The more I browse All Free Samples and the site, the more I see free stuff I want and can use -- free coffees, free lip balms, free Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream... I could live like a king even though Mr Bunches made me blow my whole allowance.

So basically I will be spending all my time on that site.  Your future posts on here will be contributed by John Tyler, Space President, once he gets back from Space Presidenting.

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