Monday, April 16, 2012

M is for "Not one single person commented that I put K after L in this alphabet." (A To Z, Star Wars Blogathon)

Not sure how to interpret that.  It's true, though -- after missing some days I then did "L is for..." and followed it with "K is for..." and you all took it in stride, so I'm just going to assume that you were assuming that I was doing my own alien alphabet in which K follows L, and I'll move on to M, which is for "My, wouldn't it be nice to help some people make a film with Bai Ling."

The film in question is Yellow Hill,

Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale is the first in a series of films.  In Yellow Hill, Bai Ling discovers the fate of her father from whom she was separated a decade earlier -- beginning an epic confrontation between Chinese settlers and a desperate mob.  They'll be modern Sergio-Leone-esque films.

The film is written and directed by Ross Bigley, the genius behind Petty Cash:

And needs funding.  Right now, you can donate at IndieGoGo, a crowdsourcing kind of site.  Click here to go directly to the Yellow Hill fundraising page

And for you people who don't have $5 to give (we all have $5 to give, right?) I'll do this:  Post a link to the Yellow Hill fundraising site on your blog and ask people to go to it, and I will award you 1,000 points in the Star Wars Blogathon. 

Not taking part in the Star Wars Blogathon?  Here's another sweet deal:  Post that link and ask people to go to it and I will give you one e-copy of any of my books, free. (Find my books here.)

That's M.  Now back to the Blogathon, where we have to expose who got WHAMMIED!

Answerer number 3 was...

Author PT Dilloway, who missed out by 26 minutes.  Michael, who didn't get any points for answering because he didn't place his wager in a comment before the question was posted (I told you this was complicated) nonetheless caused PT to WHAMMY!  There was no change in the overall standings, though.

In other matters:  Don't forget your blogfest entries, due 4/29: any post on the theme Han shot first, but Time-Traveling Elvis Shot Second gets you an entry.  Winner gets $10 from Amazon.

And the winner of the weekly drawing for commenters was Stephen Hayes, who hasn't yet attempted to answer a question but nonetheless wins two e-books of his choice from this list of authors:

A.  Me (list of books available here).
B.  Rusty Webb. (list of books available here.)
C.  Andrew Leon (List of books available here.)
D.  PT Dilloway. (List of books available here.)
E.  Cindy Borgne. (List of books available here.)
F.  Alex J. Cavanaugh. (List of books available here.)
G. Michael Offutt. (List of books available here.)
H.  Sandra Ulbrich Almazan. (List of books available here.)

And here's today's question, Question 52 of the Great 100-ish Day Star Wars Blogathon, worth 19 points:

How long before Young Eopies are able to walk on their own after birth?

A.  A month.
B.  12 parsecs.
C.  Wookies!
D.  A week.
E.  Several minutes.

For the record: I didn't even know what this question meant when I read it.   Here's Qui-Gon and an Eopie, and I still don't know anything more than I did:

Also: It's worse than I thought. I did K twice.  So I've pretty much blown this A To Z thing.



PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Shit, Wookiepedia let me down on this one. I'll guess E.

But see, I felt a disturbance in the Force about that Whammy question, which is why I only bet 100 points.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

BTW, I forgot to ask, if I donate to that movie, do I get an Executive Producer credit? That would be cool.

Andrew Leon said...

Actually, I didn't mention your out of sequence lettering, because lots of people have been having issues with keeping their alphabets in order. It seems this is a more complicated endeavor than I would have thought.

Also, do we like Bai Ling? I thought we didn't like Bai Ling? Darn... I'm going to have to figure this out.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I think part of the complication was that April 1 fell on a Sunday this year. Which probably confused people into thinking they were supposed to post on ALL Sundays when really except for that first Sunday you don't post on Sundays.

Anyway, I just used the calendar someone made and that they link to on the main site along with my calendar at work.

Briane P said...

That's boring. I just prefer to make up the order of my alphabet according to what I think is happening around me. Take now, for example. Lots of people would think "There's a guy making a phone call and typing something into his computer." But in reality? "A suffusion of yellow."

This comment brought to you by my subconscious mind: Making things weird since 1972.

Stephen Hayes said...


Sorry I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I still enjoy reading your blog. And thanks for the two free e-books. I'm flying to Turkey next month and these will be just the thing to get me through the long and tedious flight. How do I go about receiving them?


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Shit...I've read your rules twice now. You a lawyer you could simplify the legalese of how you are supposed to wager etc., dagnabbit!

But out of all the lawyers I have ever met and worked with you are my favorite. I heart you Briane Pagel!

Cindy said...

Gee, that's a hard question. I have no clue. Was that ever mentioned in Star Wars?

Lucy Adams said...

I'm stumped.


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