Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sitting and frowning at people is definitely within my skill set. (POP!Best!)

I dislike silence -- too much quiet and I start to listen to myself think, and nothing good ever comes of that.

So mostly I have the radio on in the background, but sometimes I'll put on Netflix and play TV shows that I liked -- focusing on TV shows that don't require that I watch them too closely, that rely on language more than visuals for their humor.

I've found that most TV can be listened to without losing much in the translation -- so much so that I probably would have liked living in the old days of radio, except then I wouldn't be able to occasionally stop working on suing banks and petting zoos (true story, in a way) and watch the shows as a break, and if I didn't do that I wouldn't have ended up watching the deposition scenes from the episode of Better Off Ted when the company gets sued for inventing a perfume that attracts angry wasps:

Veronica: Remember that perfume your team developed about a year ago? In 3 out of 5,000 women, it reacts with their body chemistry and attracts hornets who want to mate with them.

Ted: And when the hornets realize they've been deceived, do they just laugh it off?

Veronica: If by "laugh" you mean sting over and over again in endless waves of fury, then yes, they have a wonderful sense of humor.

And if I hadn't watched that part (which was work-related because if you think about it, watching a sitcom deposition is pretty much identical to what I actually do for a living) I wouldn't have noticed the Hot Extra, Janet Varney:

 Janet, in the Better Off Ted episode, plays a lawyer representing the wasp victims, and she has the better of the three lawyers who appear in that scene.  Credited just as lawyer, she has more lines than male lawyer, and the third lawyer, who in the show sits to the right of the Veridian witnesses, doesn't have any lines.

I wonder how much you get paid to sit at a conference table and frown at the show's stars in a lawyerly fashion? Because I feel like that's a career move I want to make.

My favorite roll Janet's ever played?  Attractive Woman Driver, in Drillbit Taylor.


joeh said...

I woul have a difficult time frowning and saying nothing, especially in a comedy show.


Cranky Old Man

Andrew Leon said...

All I know is that if you actually get your name in the credits that it's a good thing.

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