Sunday, April 22, 2012

HAN SHOT FIRST... but Time-Traveling Elvis Shot Second... (My Own Blogfest Entry)

Over on Thinking The Lions, I've been writing a series of stories I call 250=1, stories that are exactly 250 words, including the title

And over here on The Best Of Everything I have been knocking myself silly with the 103-or-so-Day, 100-question Star Wars Blogathon and also this A To Z Challenge thing that honestly I'm not even sure what letter we're on.

And ordinarily I post on this blog about pop culture and what I think of it.  But for today, since I have been running the Triweekly Star Wars Blogfest Writers' Challenge as well -- winner gets $10! (yours is coming, Sandra) and since the current challenge ends next week, on the 29th, I thought I'd enter mine.  The challenge is, for those who haven't been following, to write a blog post of any sort -- picture, video, essay, quiz, jokey list, etc. on the topic Han Shot First, But Time-Traveling Elvis Shot Second.

If you want to enter, post your entry on your blog between now and next Sunday.  You get 100 points in the Blogathon for entering (and it's still possible to win the Blogathon, official rules are here.) And the best entry gets a $10 gift card to Amazon.

OKAY. Here's my entry:

Han Shot First. No, He Didn't. Yes, He Did. Wait...

The judge glared at the witness.

"Please answer the question," he said, frowning.

"I'm not thure I can," the witness said around walrus-like teeth.

At the defendant's table, the man in the sequined white jumpsuit leaned over to his lawyer, whispered something, and flickerered briefly.

"Is there a problem?" the judge asked Time-Traveling Elvis' lawyer.

"No problem, your honor," the lawyer answered.

 "I remember now! Han thot firtht!" the witness said.

Elvis sipped his water and looked thoughtful as the witness went on:  "That's why I... wait... maybe he didn't."

The lawyer and his client leaned forward and narrowed their eyes, almost simultaneously.  Elvis' lawyer looked at the prosecutor.

"Did you know," the prosecutor said, conversationally, "That traveling at lightspeed... or hyperspace... is almost exactly like time-travel?"

Elvis frowned.

On the witness stand, Walrus Tooth said "No, it wath Elvith! He jutht walked in and thot that green guy in cold blood."

The judge was watching Elvis and later would swear to investigators that the defendant had not even moved, except that suddenly Elvis was slimmer than he had seemed at the start of the trial.

Now the prosecutor grimaced.

On the witness stand, Walrus Tooth said "I'm not \thure why I'm here. I wath on vacation on Caprica at the time."

"This is ridiculous! We all know what's happening here!" yelled the prosecutor, banging his fist on the table.

"Do we?" asked Elvis' lawyer.

Elvis winked at Walrus Man.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Mine is going up in about an hour. It's not very good.

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