Monday, April 09, 2012

I is for "I'll have to post that dolphin alien alphabet thing tomorrow..." (A To Z, Star Wars Blogathon, Blogfest!)

...because today there's lots to catch up on.

"I hope I got the Whammy," said Michael Offutt, but sometimes wishes are not fishes and we don't all cast nets, or however that saying is supposed to go; also, I'm not sure the esteemed Mr Offutt knows how the WHAMMY! works.

In any event he did not WHAMMY!; Andrew Leon did, but don't fret Andrew -- weren't the Sith thought to be extinct for a thousand years before they came back? And Rusty's rein as Emperor Blutonatine may not last as long as everyone fears, what with young PT Dilloway grabbing hold of Lara's arm and swinging them both across the chasm towards their hopes and dreams...

... or something like that.  Also, Rusty, you don't get to be a Wookie because as soon as you take the lead you have to be a bad guy.

That's what happened in my mind.  What happened in real life was less exciting to picture:

And Michael, who probably would end up being Lando Calrissian here if he'd bothered to read the rules, didn't  WHAMMY! but also didn't wager any points, so he didn't move up.

In other news, the 2nd Biweekly Blogfest Challenge Winner has been chosen,

 and as much as I'm sure we were all hoping that PT Dilloway's disturbing musings on the Luke-Leia romance would win the prize so we could all stare awkwardly off into the distance for a while, I've opted to go with Sandra Ulbrich Almazan's sparsely beautiful meditation on George Lucas' problems as a writer:

They got Padme wrong;
Mothers endure all for kids
And live past heartbreak.

 Sandra, your book Lyon's Legacy (available here on Amazon) is the prize this week for the reader comments, and you win the $10 gift card from Amazon. (Email me to give me the address to send it to.)

Finally, the winner of this week's weekly drawing from comments was Horst Peters.  Horst, you win an e-copy of Sandra's book and your choice of one other e-book from this list of authors:

A.  Me (list of books available here).
B.  Rusty Webb. (list of books available here.)
C.  Andrew Leon (List of books available here.)
D.  PT Dilloway. (List of books available here.)
E.  Cindy Borgne. (List of books available here.)
F.  Alex J. Cavanaugh. (List of books available here.)
G. Michael Offutt. (List of books available here.)
H.  Sandra Ulbrich Almazan. (List of books available here.)

(I added Sandra to the list for future reference.)

Which then brings us to the NEXT TRIBlogfest Challenge. (I've extended it to Triweekly to avoid conflicting with preplanned A To Z posts and to give more time to enter.)  By April 29, post an entry on your blog and give me the link in a comment here.  Your entry can be whatever you'd like -- story, poem, picture, some art form nobody has even thought of yet but which will inevitably be named "crinkling," or whatever.

Whatever you post, though, it must incorporate this theme in some way:  "Han shot first, but Time-Traveling Elvis shot second."

And, finally, question 47, worth 26 points:

What is Padme's relationship to Owen Lars?

(Strip courtesy of Darths & Droids, which retells the entire Star Wars saga as though it were a D&D roleplaying adventure.)


Andrew Leon said...

Would that be step-sister-in-law?
Owen is Anakin's step-brother.
Relation questions are so confusing.

Andrew Leon said...

So does this mean I'm not the bad guy anymore? I can live with that.

And you used my time traveling Elvis!

Dude... I'm gonna give this one to "Sam" to write. Except he doesn't really know who Elvis is. D'oh!

Oh, and, um, you didn't leave a bonus caller number today.

And I'm glad I didn't bet it all. Not even gonna bother to look at the standings anymore, though.

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Yay, Sandra!

The new challenge is going to take some thought, so I'm glad for the extra week.

I'm going to believe Andrew got the question, and not worry about that part! ;)

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Step-sister-in-law makes me think of that part in "Spaceballs" where Dark Helmet says to Lone Star, "I'm your father's cousin's uncle's former roommate" (or whatever)

"What does that make us?"

"Absolutely nothing."

Andrew Leon said...

I need to see that again.
But it's still packed up somewhere...:(

Rusty Webb said...

Does that mean there won't be anymore Wookie questions? Because I'm evil now? It such a weird feeling - being a bad guy.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Padme didn't have a relationship with Uncle Owen. Those were Luke's adopted parents from Anakin's side not from Padme.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Wow, thanks Briane! Maybe I need to become a professional haiku writer. ;)

I'll e-mail you later with my address.

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