Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have found my purpose.

I'm feeling a bit drechtensturnundgiffelschlechten today.

You say you know know what drechtensturnundgiffelschlechten is?  I'm not surprised, as the word didn't exist until just a few minutes ago when I made it up to describe how I am feeling right at this moment, as there was (previously) no word to describe the exact emotions I was feeling.

The exact emotion I was feeling was "the state of not knowing that you have secretly all your life been longing to have an easy way to make virtually any flavor of popcorn but then you see something that lets you do that and you suddenly realize that yes, you have been waiting for that only you didn't realize it."

With me? That's drechtensturnundgiffelschlechten.  And it was brought on by this:

That's a popcorn maker I just saw over on Geek Alerts, and it's not just any popcorn maker; it's also got a slot or attachment or something that lets you sprinkle or drizzle or mix in any flavoring you want to your popcorn -- from caramel to nacho to flavors that haven't even been invented yet, like "Quon." 

I want some quon-flavored popcorn.

I keep tabs on Geek Alerts, not just because of things like popcorn makers I have to convince Sweetie to let me buy, but also for the savings they give me on those things, through their Geek Gadgets and Coupon Promo Codes 2012, which helps keep the costs of my various hobbies like inventing popcorn flavors and words to describe them down.

Geek Alerts is full of cool toys -- Boba Fett candy holders, radio controlled robot balls, climbing walls, and more -- and it's got savings for that stuff and more, including right now an AbeBooks coupon code 2012 for you readers, and a bunch of Petsmart coupons 2012 for you pet owners out there. 

But the real draw is that popcorn maker, at least for me.  I can see me now, basking in the glow of twenty, no thirty different kinds of flavored popcorn... popcorn flavored like hamburgers! And french fries! And milkshakes! A whole meal of popcorn.  This is what I was meant to do with my life.


joeh said...

Pop-corn flavored like hamburger or french fries yumm! Quon flavored...not so much.

Cranky Old Man

Andrew Leon said...

We just ordered an ice cream maker... ice cream beats popcorn.

Maia Dobson said...

That's a very cute popcorn maker! It sounds so convenient to use because it's even built with salt sprinkler so it would be spread equally. I think I'll head to to popcorn popper machines store and look for this brand.