Sunday, April 08, 2012

Today is also the last day of the current Biweekly Blogfest Challenge -- this one was to write a Star Wars-themed haiku, and coming in just under the wire are Andrew Leon and Rusty Webb. 

Andrew Leon, author of the great YA (but grown-ups can read it, it's like Harry Potter in that it's that good and also grown-ups can read it, wait I said that) book The House On The Corner, gives us this paean to movie magic:

Life without magic
but in the dark one movie
brought the Force to life
While Rusty Webb, who wrote  the intriguing and exciting A Dead God's Wrath, treats us to some confusing feelings:

"Help me Obi Wan
You're my only hope," she said.
And Luke felt envy
There's still time to enter -- winner gets a $10 gift card to Amazon (Sam, yours is coming I swear) -- so if you want to write one, leave a link in the comments before midnight tonight.

Look for the winners tomorrow, and the next Biweekly Blogfest Writing Challenge, too.  The fun never stop here, in defiance of the laws of physics.

Read Rusty's blog here, and buy his book here.

 Read Andrew's blog here, and buy his book here.


Rusty Webb said...

Thanks for the spotlight. Andrew questioned my third line in my Haiku. I almost went with "Luke thought she was hot." but I wanted to obfuscate that point just a bit, so I hoped to imply that Luke was jealous over this guy that Leia was asking for help.

Layers and layers of deepness in that one line.

And I'm totally not trying to impress the judges with the greatness of my literary and poetical depth, not at all. I'm just answering Andrew's question in a forum where the judges might be able to view.

Wait, I forgot, are these being judged?

Andrew Leon said...

@Rusty: Ah, okay, because that was my question... what was Luke feeling envy over? But I see what you were trying to do now.

@Briane: And, yes, thanks for the spotlight :)

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