Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Would you like to meet Johnny Depp? Of course you would.

A few months back, they filmed a Johnny Depp/Christian Bale movie in Madison and other areas of Wisconsin -- something about John Dillinger, I believe-- and there was filming going on right outside my office, so on one morning, I was walking into work and the street was something out of the 1930s, with Studebakers parked around and men and women in old-fashioned clothes strolling...

... and then the cameras started rolling, and Christian Bale came running over and said "Hey, you're obviously handsomer than I am, take my lead role in the movie and become a Hollywood star..."

Well, no. Christian Bale wasn't there, and "handsomer" isn't a word (although if it were, I'd definitely be it.) But the rest is true: they were filming a movie and I did watch them doing it, and it made me think it would be a neat thing to be in a movie.

If you feel that way, too, you've got a chance to fulfill that dream through Talent6. Talent6 helps get you jobs as an extra in the movies and TV shows, filling up the crowd scenes and walking with the stars or being the guy who David Spade shoves aside to get the hot dog, whatever it is. Plus, you get to be paid, from $100 to $300 per day, just for wearing a hat and standing in a park or something.

Filming is done across the country; wherever you live, you can be in a movie. They need all kinds of people, men, women, old, young, handsomer, uglomer (that's not a word, either, but it should be).

All it takes is a single phone call: Call 1-800-493-9047 and talk to the Talent6 portfolio manager. Or visit their website, whatever your pleasure is, and get going on your Hollywood dreams today.

You know, that's how Johnny Depp got discovered, actually. He was an extra on Mama's Family. You didn't know that, did you? That's 'cause I just made it up.

But you could get discovered that way -- you could make money being in movies and rubbing elbows with the stars, and having fun along the way. I'd totally do it, but I don't want to show up Christian Bale. Any more than I already have, that is.

So call 1-800-493-9046 and talk to Talent6 about becoming an extra today!

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