Thursday, October 02, 2008

I can see clearly now... that eight bucks is clearly an awesome price.

Eight bucks. That's what you'll pay for these glasses. Eight bucks. That's phenomenal, and that's only something you can do if you go through Zenni Optical. is the hottest thing around in eyewear right now; you've maybe even heard of them before this, if you've seen the reports about them on Fox News TV, or heard Clark Howard on The Clark Howard Show recommend them.

Hearing about them alone isn't enough. You've got to check them out. Their selection of quality, affordable eyeglasses is amazing.

These are prescription glasses I'm talking about, with prices starting at only eight dollars. Zenni Optical does it by using their own manufactured frames -- like those above-- so there's no middleman.

EIGHT BUCKS! When we bought glasses for Sweetie, they cost, I don't know, like a hundred and fifty dollars, maybe more. I wish Zenni Optical had been around then; when Sweetie needs an upgrade, I'll be pointing her to this site.

They've just gotten new frames in, too, so this might be a time to update your look -- for only 8 dollars. Whatever kinds of glasses you're looking for -- single vision, sunsensor, bifocals, tinted sunglasses, even progressive lenses -- can help you out. And they'll do it for prices beginning at 8 bucks.

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