Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's just that The Boy ALWAY wins. I can't stand it!

The single greatest present we've ever gotten for The Boy is his Playstation 3.

I'm not one of those parents that hates video games; I grew up on video games, playing Combat and Adventure and Yars' Revenge on my old Atari -- which wasn't an Atari 2600 when I was a kid, it was just an "Atari." I've always loved video games and I think they're great.

They're certainly great now, when a video game is not just a bunch of shooting, but can actually let you play and take part in an adventure, or manage a football team, or otherwise create a whole world of opportunities beyond simply blowing up the other guy's tank.

But that's only part of why the PS3 was such a great present for The Boy; the other part of it is that it gives us ready-made gifts to get him at each new birthday or holiday; you know how hard it is to shop for teenagers -- but if they have a game system, it's way way easier because there's always new games for them to get, new gear for them to get, new additions or products.

So the PS3 served as an entertainment option for The Boy, giving him hours of movie-watching and game-playing, and as a source of present options for us.

This year, for example, The Boy has already announced that his game of choice is "Call of Duty 4," a game to follow up on the controllers we got him last year, and the hi-def cords we got to attach the PS3 to the TV so he could watch his Blu-Ray DVDs in true high definition.

And this year, as we have in the past, we'll be getting The Boy his stuff at GameBay.com -- the place we get ALL video game systems and games and accessories. GameBay.com has all the gaming gear, games, and systems you'll ever need -- going all the way back to the Nintendo 64 system -- and they have the stuff at great prices.

Want an Xbox 360 power adapter? Final Fantasy XI for the PC? The "House of the Dead 2" for the Wii? Even handheld games -- all available on GameBay.com and all shipped FREE for you.

You can even get something for yourself-- like the strategy guides they sell, so that after The Boy goes to bed, you can practice on Madden 2009 and get better and then BLAMMO- the next time you play, his Pittsburgh Steelers are going DOWN! YEAH! Take THAT! How's it feel to LOSE, The Boy?!?!?!

Sorry. I got a little carried away there.

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