Monday, October 06, 2008

I don't know why it's so hard to ship overseas; if even Charles Lindbergh could fly across the Atlantic, why can't we today?

People overseas like shopping in the US right now, and people in the US like selling to people overseas; it all has to do with the "weak dollar," which I think has something to do with the bailout and a moose being shot from a helicopter -- I have trouble keeping up with politics sometimes.

Anyway, the problem with all that international commerce is international shipping; lots of companies don't ship across the Atlantic or the Pacific.

One company that DOES ship overseas is Through their unique mail forwarding system, they can allow you, the lucky shipper or shippee, to send your stuff (or receive your stuff) across the ocean. All you do is register, and then order your stuff. They'll receive your package at their US-based address, and will then ship it on to you.

Sure, easy, simple, but how much does it cost? That's the great part -- it's $8.50 per package, up to 30 pounds. You can buy a lot of stuff and not have it weigh 30 pounds.

Get a lot of packages? They'll bundle them together for you, for a nominal fee. So if you get 4 packages, instead of paying $34 bucks to ship them ($8.50 x 4) they'll bundle them into one package for an $8.50 charge, then ship that one for $8.50-- your four packages cost you only $17, instead of $34.

You can also join as an affiliate and make money through the program by linking to it on your website -- so if you sell a lot of stuff (like you eBayers), it makes sense to join up (it's free) and then allow overseas customers to buy your stuff, then make a little extra off the shipping. Capitalism at its finest!

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