Saturday, October 04, 2008

That's one less thing I do to annoy Sweetie. 1 less out of 10 billion.

I shop online all the time, for a couple of reasons -- the most important of which are that I'm too busy blogging to get up and go shopping, and the second that I'm too busy being lazy to get up and go shopping. So I buy pretty much everything I need online -- clothes, books, CDs, flowers for Sweetie that I have to buy her because I maxed out the credit card buying CDs, whatever it is I need.

But I get nervous because I got phished once, and so I'm not 100% sold on shopping online.

A new program, buySAFE, will help me and people like me be more assured of credit safety when shopping online.

It's a simple widget to download, and it's free, but boy, is it powerful protection. Once you download it and create a free account, you'll get access to a "Safe Shopping Portal," a zone of comfort where every purchase you make is safe and secure-- secure and protected with a bond guarantee of up to $25,000, plus buySAFE provides identity theft protection. That's how sure they are their program works.

They also provide "Safe Shopping Ratings," for those times when you're shopping on one of the 320,000 eCommerce sites they rate, so when you go to buy that import CD of the band you used to really really like in 1982, you'll know that while Sweetie might not appreciate the music, she'll appreciate that you didn't at least savage your credit rating while getting the music.

The flowers you buy will help sweeten the pot. And you won't wreck your credit getting those, either -- if you buySAFE.



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