Wednesday, October 29, 2008

117,000,000 more per day...

I have a Wordpress Blog, called "The Trouble With Roy" where I from time-to-time publish what I think of as the best of what I put on here and my other blogs -- a way to help spread the word and get my writing out to people that otherwise might not come across it, which I like to do because I like to write and I like to get paid for writing -- and more people reading my stuff equals more money for me to write it equals more writing for people to read... and you get the drift.

So I was instantly interested in the Wordpress themes and plugins available in the Wordpress Power Pack. This pack, with seven instant themes for a buck, can professionalize any Wordpress blog and help make it more noticeable, more high-quality, and more profitable. The proof is right on the site that's selling them -- top Google page rank and sample Wordpress themes side-by-side.

I've never been quite happy with the Wordpress themes that I have or with the ones I can get for free, and now I can finally get some GOOD themes to work around with, to make some more money at it, and write more, and you know the rest...

I especially like the way the Sports Blog theme looks -- all high-techy and catchy without being cold or off-putting; I'd like to use that for all my blogs, frankly.

And, they have the 118 best plug-ins for Wordpress blogs, so I can start putting those in and really maximizing that as another site.

There's something like 117,000,000 new blogs per day, so your blog (and mine) has to look good as well as be good to stand out; with the Wordpress Power Pack, it can.


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