Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Get a lawyer for the day.

One of the difficulties of working for a law firm is the up-and-down nature of the practice. Some days just cruise on by, easily and on schedule with no surprises. Other days, the mail brings what seems like 157,000 different things that need to be handled, combined with notices of court hearings that can't be moved and client calls that are urgent.

It's difficult to manage a schedule like that; lawyers learn to be flexible and work ahead whenever possible.

That flexibility can now apply to staffing a law firm, too. The Law Offices of Ilene H. Cohen, home of the temporary attorney New York, can give law firms lawyers on a temp basis -- lawyers that are able to handle motions, depositions, EBTs, hearing, and other matters in some (not all) state and federal courts.

The Cohen temp lawyers are admitted in New York's Eastern and Southern District federal courts, New Jersey's federal court, New York state courts, and a variety of federal appellate courts ranging from the Court of Federal Claims to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Cohen site even says the lawyers are available on less than a day's notice.

I wish there was something like that around here; there are plenty of days that I need one or two or three of me to be everywhere I want to go and return all the calls and cover depositions -- but when those days are done, I don't need all those mes to still be on the payroll.

Maybe I'll move my practice to New York -- because the idea of being able to quickly increase and then quickly decrease the number of competent lawyers is too good an idea to give up on. You New York and New Jersey lawyers, you're lucky -- or you will be, if you use the guys you can hire through

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