Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jazz + Soul + Sexy = Amber Ojeda

Remember back when I told you that music should be free, and that they could make it free for you by having companies partner with musicians to bring you the music you love while letting the artists still make money?

I give you, Amber Ojeda: Free, courtesy of Old Navy:

Amber Ojeda TrueAnthem Music
You can download those songs, and the video, for free, right here on TBOE, thanks to Amber Ojeda and Old Navy. Amber's from San Diego, and she won the "Best of the Best On the Internet" from Kick Radio's Global Top 40.

I could tell you more about Amber's sound -- how she mixes equal parts jazz and soul, throws in some hip hop and creates a unique sound-- but instead, I'll let her do it: Listen to "Sometime," what Amber's band calls "the sweaty song." I listened to it and immediately decided to take the day off and go find Sweetie and spend a romantic day with her, lounging and making out. (Sweetie, though, pointed out that I'd lose my job and the twins would interfere with those plans, so I'm still at work.)

Old Navy wants as many as people as possible to download Amber's songs. She's going to be a star and you can push her there. Download the songs and share them with your friends -- it's free and the songs are excellent. Seriously excellent: sexy and sultry and beautiful. You should play them on your next date.

Then, tell your friends and family and connections to download the songs, too, because everyone in the world should hear about Amber Ojeda and hear her songs.

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