Friday, October 31, 2008

This is not to say that I would not accept a popcorn tin from you. I will. But maybe do BOTH.

What did you give for Christmas last year? A sweater? A CD, or DVD? Perhaps a decorative bowl?

Maybe this year, you should give something that has some real meaning, like, say, LIFE.

You can give the gift of life, and health, and cures for diseases, to any person you know who's expecting a newborn baby. You can do that by giving a Cryo-Cell Gift Certificate.

Cryo-Cell is an innovative company that offers parents of newborns a chance to collect and store cord blood stem cells - -stem cells that could be useful in treating 70 different diseases ranging from leukemia to diabetes to cerebral palsy; their company can educate expectant parents about how this works and the benefits to their child from storing that cord blood.

And you can help those parents learn by giving them a gift certificate in any amount ($50 increments) to help them store cord blood stem cells that may someday benefit their unborn child-- even saving his or her life.

Doesn't that beat a sweater, or one of those popcorn tins? It sure does.

To view all of the Cryo-Cell information you can go to their website, and you may want to click right over to the Current Offers they've got available.

But what you really need to know is what I've already told you; they'll help parents collect (easily and conveniently and cleanly, in a non-intrusive way) the cord blood. They'll cryogenically store it for future use. And you'll have done something really nice, really meaningful, and really helpful for those parents.

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