Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to get writin', and bloggin', and givin' free books away, and also time to be droppin' all those endin' Gs.

It may seem a bit early for holiday-related thingamajiggery, but Thanksgiving is only 13 days away as I write this and that means Christmas is... well, Christmas is already here, judging by the ads on TV and the fact that the rich mall near our house already has the big Christmas tree up in the faux town square they've set up across from the fancy chocolatier's. 

Which is all a way of introducing the...

The Merry Christmas To All 
(e)Book A Day 
(of Doom!)

NOTE: I added the "of Doom!" part to make it more dramatic.  It's not really going to doom anyone.  Hopefully.  I don't know.

Here's how it works:

1.  It begins on 11/23, and continues every weekday until December 24th.

2.  Bloggers who want to take part pick a day or day(s) and post on that day; participating bloggers who don't have a post scheduled that day will mention the Merry Christmas... etc. (of Doom!) on their blog. (You can do this simply by putting up a badge and the schedule in your link box, if you want. No need to post every day!)

3.  The theme of all posts is "Something to do with the holidays."

4.  Participating bloggers will give away one free (e)book to a randomly-chosen commenter on their post on the day they post.

5.  All participating bloggers will be listed at the end of each post with (A) a thumbnail of their book, (B) a link to where readers can buy the book.

As for me:  I will be taking any days that are not taken by other bloggers, and posting my (now)-annual Christmas story, a "Nick and Other Sexy Cop" adventure I'm calling:

"Twas The Fight Before Christmas,  
or, A Visit From Ain't Nick."

Featuring the return of...

 You know who...

Sexy Cop, in case you didn't know who.)

 That'll begin on the 23rd.

Which means, I will be giving away a free ebook almost every day from 11/23 to 12/24, so check back here a lot.

And if you're interested in signing up, Email me by clicking here.


11/30: PT Dilloway,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/3:  Cindy Borgne, author of "Vallar"

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