Thursday, November 08, 2012

On the other hand, would I want to look like Dick Tracy?

I'm getting a hangup about my chin.  Or, specifically, the way my chin no longer looks like a chin but instead looks like the mouth of a frog, you know, when they puff up to croak or ribbit or whatever?

And I've tried everything, by which I mean "almost nothing," other than for a while I did these chin exercises that were supposed to tighten it up and make my chin look like the chin of one of those lantern-jawed superheroes like Dick Tracy, which hardly would be better.  Also, I've tried eating fewer Snickers' bars as snacks, and by "fewer" I mean "pretty much just as many as I did before but I claim I'm not."

Anyway, I bring this up because I happened across this Cosmetic Surgery Thailand website and while I have always been opposed to cosmetic surgery on the grounds that I didn't like it, I started thinking about my chin and my (lack of) efforts to do anything about it and wondering about people who have something they don't like about themselves that they couldn't change, people who aren't happy with their nose or their busts or whatnot, and who want to look like they imagine they ought to look.

I suppose when you think about it that way, cosmetic surgery isn't a bad thing -- it's not just vanity, really, but trying to improve your appearance until you look the way you want to look.  And especially if it's something that you have no real control over but which really affects the way you feel, it might not be a bad thing to get some surgery to improve your outlook.  People do that kind of thing all the time in  more minor ways: they get a tattoo or put on makeup or dye their hair or exercise, all to improve their appearance.  Cosmetic surgery is more drastic, sure, but along the same lines.

And the site I came across really had some dramatic improvements in people -- people who got nose jobs or brow lifts or even hair implants.  I'm not that concerned about my hair, or my brows, but I can see where some people really are.

And that type of thing can be expensive to do here, stateside --but lots of people are going in for "Medical Tourism" where they combine a vacation/trip with cheaper surgery options outside of the country.  As long as they go to a reputable place and get some references, I don't see much harm there.

I'm not saying I would do it -- yet.  But that chin is really bothering me. 


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I wonder how much fat they could suck out of me?

Andrew Leon said...

Maybe grow a beard?