Saturday, November 17, 2012


There is a David Bowie song about change.  It goes like this:

Sometimes I feel like
(Oh, the whole human race)
jazzin' for Blue Jean.

OK. That's not actually about change, but it always did make me wonder why the whole human race was jazzin for Blue Jean?  Just 'cause of her turned up nose? Her police bike?

Her Latin roots?

This is all an introduction to the announcement of a major change in my blogging: I have created a new website I call:

The site is located on the space that used to be occupied by my sports blog, which I've been increasingly uninterested in, so the web URL will remain the same as that sports blog because I've invested my $10 this year already to keep that name and I'm not blowing another $10 or giving up the site name because who knows? Maybe someday I'll be more into sports and less into short stories than I am now.



Is to celebrate my newfound love of short stories, and to hopefully celebrate yours, too, as I'd like people to submit their stories to it and I'll post them there, and I will pay you.  

(Not a lot, not at first, and each story will be worth a different amount

but I will pay you if I like your story, and it may even lead to an anthology if there's enough interest.


Go check it out, if you feel so inclined


Andrew Leon said...

You are just full of ideas! Going to check it out.

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