Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"I'm sorry," he mumbled and wondered how much of his sadness was the egg nog and brandy...

It's here... my latest book: the uplifting, downtrodding story of a brother and sister and the people important to them:

When "Bumpy" takes his sister's fiance out for a night on the town, a mysterious drowning crashes through their lives like a wrecking ball into an already-crumbling wall. Sarah mourns her lost lover by halfheartedly joining a group dedicated to proving there is a serial killer on the loose and jealously guarding her dying mother, while "Bumpy" moves to Las Vegas to take up a new career, only to accidentally stumble into his old one.

Through the course of a year that unfolds haphazardly and out-of-sequence, Bumpy and Sarah try to figure out how much of the past they ought to hold on to, and how much of the future is worth looking into.

Up So Down is a heartwrenching story of a family that barely is, of love that stops existing and then starts again, and of the universality of feelings that everybody has and nobody wants to think they have.

Available on your Kindle for $0.99 by clicking here; paperback version coming soon.

Don't feel like buying it? You'll have chances to win a free copy just by commenting on my blog during the

which starts Friday! Watch this blog for details and your chance to get Up So Down, or one of my other books, free!


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