Saturday, November 17, 2012

Consumer Portfolio Services may help you make some money.

You may be wondering whether it's possible, anymore, to make a profit in the stock market.

If you are wondering that, it's clear you do not know about Consumer Portfolio Services.

Consumer Portfolio Services is an auto finance business that purchases and services retail auto contracts.  The deals are originated by franchise dealers (and some indies) and then transferred or assigned to Consumer Portfolio Services.

Right now, the kinds of borrowers that Consumer Portfolio Services specializes in -- sub-primes-- don't have many credit options, which could make this a boom time for the company as the recession ends and the economy grows but credit is still tight; recently the company put out a call that noted it expected growth consistent with what it had in 2004-2007 -- a steady rise in its share price.

Click that link to learn more about CPS and get some information that might help you get your own finances out of a recession.

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