Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deal Dash: Fun shopping, great bargains.

In the past few days I have talked about DealDash a lot on my blogs, and with good reason: Deal Dash is awesome.

Where else can you pick up $25 gift cards to places like Walmart, Starbucks and TGIFriday's for as low as a buck, or even free?  NOWHERE ELSE is where. 

The thing is,Deal Dash isn't just a cheaper way to shop -- the auction site makes it fun, too, by letting you turn your shopping into a game, almost.

DealDash lets you buy bids -- for really cheap -- and then bid on whatever great items they've got on sale on their site.  So you know someone who wants a Keurig Mini Brewer? That's going for about $4 right now.  Maybe you've got someone who'd like a 20" Dell Inspiron desktop all-in-one for Christmas? That was just given away free on their site.

All you've got to do is bid, and if you're the winning bidder odds are you'll get what it is you want for way less -- but even if you don't win the auction, you can get your bids back by buying the item from Deal Dash anyway, so it's win-win, either way.  And a great way to shop for the holidays!

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