Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcome a new TBOE Reader.

Guess who's reading The Best of Everything now? Only Entertainment Weekly columnist Mark Harris (and unknown Hollywood insiders.)

Just before April began, I wrote about my theory about "The Death of New" and decried Hollywood for not innovating and continuing to give us things like "Fast & Furious" instead of "Hamlet 2 The Real Musical."

Hot on the heels of me, Mark Harris in this past week's Entertainment Weekly wrote a column about... you guessed it: Hollywood not innovating. In his column "Stop The Inanity," Mark wrote about "a long-standing Hollywood agenda — a desire to shun challenging material in favor of easily replicable formula product," and noted that Hollywood studios "recently announced the development of new movies based on Monopoly (yes, the board game), Clue (yes, the board game), and Candy Land (yes)."

Which I also thought of first.

I'm glad that Mark Harris has taken up my crusade to make the entertainment industry give us something new. Thanks, Mark, for the help, and welcome to the ranks of TBOE readers!

Who else reads TBOE? THIS guy. And you. You read it, too.

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Husbands Anonymous said...

This is a very post-modern post(or maybe post-post modern post??)
BP writng about the Death of New possibly being plagiarised, or at the ver least, not new. I often have brilliant ideas, but it usually turns out that Stephen King, Stephen Wright and Steve Austin had them first (or at least published them first). I think I'll just pre-date all my posts, and cut and paste your writing, I prefer yours, anyway.