Monday, April 06, 2009

If computers get any smarter, they'll be gunning for my job.

I'm constantly amazed by how much computers do for us these days, and how easy it is to use them. I grew up in the era when personal computers used "Basic" programming language -- I used to know how to program in that, 'cause I was cool -- and everything was "DOS" based and you had to know things like "C-prompts" and stuff.

Windows and the mouse were a giant leap forward after that, and things just got better and better. About four years ago, I bought a book on creating websites and programming in HTML language because I wanted to look into Internet publishing and the like, do something creative with my writing (other than mail it out to people who would write me uncreative rejection letters.)

I never used the book, because it turns out I don't need to know how to program -- I can just get on the Internet and use things like Blogger to create simple blogs. From "Basic" programming (tedious, stupid) to the ability to post a story and create a video about it, all in one lifetime? Phenomenal.

And now comes the next step: A program that lets you create your own blog and website and customizable pages and more. It's the Wordpress cms Themes from "WP Remix." This is a package of software that lets you put up a Blog, a homepage, products & gallery pages, all with plugin compatibility, smart menus, tabs, tables, and more -- and you don't need to be a computer whiz to use it.

It's a step beyond a simple blog -- your own website/blog/gallery, completely customizable so you can have the site you want without the cost and hassle of hiring a website designer and without the difficulty of learning to program yourself.

For more information, you can go to their site to watch a video showing how easy it is to use and what can be done, and I'm sure that like me, you'll be blown away by how incredible this is.

And it sure beats:

10 Print "Hello."
20 Goto 10.

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You may be in need of an extreme makeover. Time to leave the D+D guild behind!