Thursday, April 16, 2009

How can a kid who mostly wears pajamas be so picky about his clothes, anyway?

This morning, getting Mr F and Mr Bunches ready for their day, I pulled out some pants from Mr Bunches' drawer.

"Doesn't he have some jeans?" Sweetie asked me.

To which Mr Bunches immediately interjected: "No. No."

Now, true, Mr Bunches mostly says no, but in this case, I think he was objecting to wearing jeans, and I was on his side, because the jeans he's got are just... not cool. I get so bored and frustrated with kids' clothing these days. I'm always on the lookout for something that's tough and worth the cost and, yeah, cool. Just because they're 2 and 1/2, and just because they spend their day rolling wooden trucks around while wearing their older sister's sunglasses doesn't mean that they can't be cool, right?

Cool like joe's jeans kids wear on sale at R&S Avenue. The Joe's Jeans they've got there are the ones that Middle originally showed me (Joe's Jeans are for girls) and they're both cool and worth the very-low cost. Violet, chestnut, fade-washed, white with rivets... they've got cool jeans there, and at prices that are low enough even for me.

I'm just sorry they don't have Joe's Jeans for little boys. Or for Daddies, for that matter. But they've got a lot of other cool stuff over at R&S Avenue -- funny t-shirts, funky clothes, and more. So while I can't pick up Mr Bunches some Joe's Jeans, I can maybe get him something that'll match those sunglasses.

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