Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That way, the cat has to share in the copay.

As you might guess, my writings here on The Best of Everything generate a lot of questions from readers, psychiatrists, people I meet on the street -- and sometimes one person is all three of those things -- questions that I periodically answer.

Far and away, the number one question I am asked after people read a little of this is "Did you take ALL the medications you were supposed to today?" The answer to that is "I gave some of them to the cat."

The second most-asked question is "Where do you come up with all the cool music that you're always talking about and/or listening to here and on your other blogs?"

The answer to that question, surprisingly, is also "I gave some of them to the cat." No, wait, it's not. The answer to the question of where I get my music from is: I get it from Kerchoonz.

Kerchoonz is the music-and-video site that lets artists get paid when you, and me, the listeners, listen to and download their music -- legally. They're putting the power in the hands of the people it belongs in: Me and you. All you have to do is go there and listen to some of the newest indie music around -- stuff that hasn't hit the radio, the commercials, television, nowhere, yet. You'll be like me: on the cutting edge of music.

Kerchoonz even made it easier, now, to post those videos elsewhere, so if you like a video or band, you can copy it over to your blog or website easily (and without worrying that it'll get yanked, like some of those other websites. I won't name them, but they rhyme with "Shmootube.")

So if you want to be like me, the directions are simple: check out Kerchoonz, and give the cat no more than 3 out of every 7 pills.


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