Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'll be flying -- and not in that fake Kate-Winslet-Titanic way, either.

I'm going back to SeaWorld, and I'm going in style.

We went to SeaWorld last year on vacation with the kids, and it was excellent -- between patting sting rays and seeing the shark tank and riding the Kraken and the shows, the day flew by too quickly, and I've wanted to go back.

Now, thanks to the Manta, I have an excuse to do just that.

I just found out abotu Manta -- a flying roller coaster that's one of a kind, a flying roller coaster that takes riders through underwater worlds of floor-to-ceiling aquariums filled with seldom-seen fish and rays, sea dragons, schools of fish, octopi, and over 300 Rays -- letting you walk through all that and then rid the Giant Manta Ray ride on steel rails that spin, fall, glide, soar, and race you through, all while lying face down so that you're flying.

And SeaWorld's not just opening that ride, they're giving me a chance to skip to the front of the line, VIP style. They've got a Manta Quiz game that you can take on their site (that link above goes there.) Read through the site and get hints and tips on that site or on the SeaWorld twitter feed (@RealShamu)

Then log in using your own Twitter account and answer 5 Manta questions. Completing all six of the easy activities qualifies you not just as a Manta expert, but also gets you a free "front-of-the-line" pass when you go to ride the Manta.

So now, picture me: Arms outstretched, flying through the Florida sun past aquariums full of exotic pets... and this time, NOT screaming my head off like a terrified two-year-old. I'm sure I'll be braver than I was last year.


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