Friday, April 03, 2009

The Best Fake Musical (Reader Nomination)

Reader and Blogger Extraordinaire Scott, writer of Husbands Anonymous and Kevin-quizzer does not limit himself to writing parts of books about parenting. He also has a great ability to recall a musical that was only seen after the credits of a kids' movie.

Scott, in response to my nomination of Hamlet 2 as The Best Fake Musical In A Real Movie, said this:

I once heard a novelist say that there are only three plot lines to ANY story- but I'm damned if I can remember them. Love? Death and something?And in advertising, it has to be sex, children or animals.

I liked the brief fake musical in Monsters Inc, when Mike is pretending to practice for it, so that he doesn't get caught out for something else.Sorry. My memory isn't good.But I did love your post, it provoked me.

Scott, you probably heard me say that about the plotlines: I reviewed the idea of the 7 Basic Plotlines of literature and storytelling here.

But I had completely forgotten about the Monsters, Inc., musical, which seems impossible because I have watched that movie 1 hundred kajillion times since the Babies! were born, and I like to go to the credits scene and watch the actual musical they made for the company.

So I've decided to call that comment a nomination, and there you go: Scott nominates "The Monsters, Inc. Company Musical" as The Best Fake Musical In A Real Movie-- which nomination, I note, somewhat undercuts my theory that fake musicals only appear in real movies when the real movies themselves are rather mundane and unoriginal, but if I abandoned every opinion I had just because "evidence" and "facts" and "reality" undercut it, I wouldn't believe anything anymore.

I couldn't find the actual musical after the credits, but here's where they rehearse it:
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Husbands Anonymous said...

Mental note to self:
Scott- next time you comment ANYWHERE, make sure that you haven't had ANY wine.

Le Yo said...

"All novels have one of two plots: someone goes on a trip or a stranger comes to town." - John Gardner