Monday, November 03, 2008

Stories! There are Stories!

You may be so wrapped up in reading "The Best of Everything" that you miss out on the other great stuff I'm writing...

... great stuff like the new story that's underway over on AfterDark: The Scariest Things, You Can't Imagine... Father Albert has a tiny smidge of a problem at his church -- there are ghosts. A few at first, then more and more and more. He wants to help them, but all they do is howl and show him Hell fire in Ghosts! There Are Ghosts!

And Rachel has her own problems, what with the fact that she's on the run from Reverend Tommy and there are people after her and she accidentally keeps going to Hell where her friend Bob The Revenant was killed and there's a sexy Valkyrie trying to mess things up between Rachel and her girlfriend Brigitte... It all makes sense if you read Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!

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