Monday, November 10, 2008

Saving my marriage and my money with Proflowers coupons.

More or less one time per day, I screw something up -- I forget to do something Sweetie asked me to do, or I forget and do something Sweetie asked me NOT to do, or I get upset with something that's really minor, or I do something that I think is minor and Sweetie gets upset because it's NOT minor...

You get the picture.

I have two options when I do something that irritates or upsets Sweetie, which, as I said, I do about every 24 hours. One is that I go and do some chores around the house; like Friday, when I got her upset because I got upset over some minor inconveniences, so to make it up to her, I cleaned the family room, the bathrooms, and the living room.

That is not something I want to do much of; since I can't help upsetting her, I would prefer to not have to keep cleaning the bathrooms.

Option Two is: Flowers. But when you mess up as much as I do, flowers can be a significant expense. But I've got a secret weapon: ProFlowers coupons.

ProFlowers is the online florist that delivers flowers, great flowers, high-quality flowers, anywhere, even on short notice. They've got all kinds, from super-romantic roses to neat arrangements of other kinds of flowers whose names I don't know but Sweetie does because she gets them all the time. ProFlowers is great for a guy like me, who needs to constantly be sending flowers but doesn't want to keep running out to florists; I can order online and have them delivered all while "working."

ProFlowers is already not that expensive, but for me, flowers are a significant cost of living my life, so I get my savings at ProFlowers by getting online coupons at; they've got online deals and coupons and shipping discounts and other stuff from a variety of stores there, but by far the most-used for me is the ProFlowers discounts.

These days, you can't save enough money -- but you still have to do those things that we all need to do: Get clothes, and presents, and send flowers to your wife about once a day to make up for the things you did before. The online savings and coupons at make that possible-- and even pleasant, once you see how much you save.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go order today's delivery for Sweetie. And I might as well pre-order tomorrow's, too.

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