Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I could then take pictures of me wearing the Green Lantern t-shirt! Sweet!

Click HereWe haven't yet started our Christmas shopping yet, aside from a "Green Lantern" T-shirt that was apparently bought after I mentioned to Sweetie that I would really like a "Green Lantern" t-shirt; I know it was bought because it was bought using my Paypal account and I get emails telling me what was bought and when from my Paypal account.

I should let Sweetie know that. After Christmas.

But the main reason we haven't started shopping yet is that we don't want to use credit cards to shop this year, and we don't have tons of cash laying around, making it difficult to shop.

Difficult, that is, until I found out about theKmart Layaway program.

Remember Lawaway? It's back, or still around: the program that lets you go get stuff now, then pay for it over time and pick it up later. It's like credit, only no interest. You get to go into the store, pick up the hot gifts TODAY, while they're there and while they're on sale, and then pay over the next couple of weeks, bringing the presents home just before Christmas.

Hot presents. No interest adding cost to the bottom line. And, bonus: The presents remain hidden away from the kids and husbands who might snoop (or get Paypal receipts.)

Kmart Layaway lets you take advantage of great sales even when you don't have the money, and don't have (or want to use) credit cards. Great sales like the one they're having on the Kodak 8.2 MP digital camera for only $139.99. If you buy that on a credit card, the interest will KILL you... but you don't want to wait and hope that awesome camera (which, hint hint, Sweetie, I would really like, too) is still around on December 20 when you've saved up enough money.

Kmart's layaway lets you shop now and pay over time, without extra costs. So get out there now and pick up all the presents you want to buy, using the Layaway plan.


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