Monday, November 03, 2008

Horror Stories by Briane Pagel, Table of contents

fer de Lance:  A crowd had begun to gather outside of Philip fer de Lance's house. Some held signs. Some held candles.

Moon Mow Me Cheerios:  The saddest, sweetest zombie story you will ever read. And that's coming from a guy who hates zombie stories.

What You Need: Taylor's peculiar trait is that people tend to see in him what they want, or need to believe he is. Too bad for him that he ran into a man whose daughter was killed...

The Conglomeration: Ridalfo is worried that it will get out, but he should instead be worried about what it wants to do once it is out.

Mr Suitcase  Nobody ever sees him... first.  But monsters walk the earth and they are outside your house.  Not good for you.

All The Terences In The World.  Would you live in a house where someone was murdered?  Maybe, if Lisa would ever come home and all these other yous were not here.

Lazy Bones Jones: you don't want to meet him! Trust me on this. His mouth! His gullet!

Violins Is Never The Answer: When things all went bad, they went VERY bad. Even the kittens. Even the socks. And especially the Carrots.

You Know What Happens After Dark: why do they close the eyes of the dead, as soon as possible? Because otherwise: this.

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