Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And then Santa rides in on a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny triceratopses.

Christmas is for the kids, and toys are for the kids. So it follows that Christmas= Toys, and to that rule, I add two others:

1. The louder the toy, the better the toy, and
2. So long as I am giving the toy to someone else.

That's why this year, I can plan on giving the Smart Builders Piano from Mega, to my nephew Baby Charlie; it makes noise and because of that is the perfect toy under Rule 1, and the perfect toy to give to my nephew because of Rule 2.

Mega's got lots of toys available for kids, from musical and loud like the piano to quiet and cute like a disney figurine for that kid that loves Disney. You can search by age, price, or category, and once you find something you like -- like the piano, or the figurines, or even the awesome Struxx Robotrix that will let you build a robotic futuristic Tyrannosaurus Rex -- king of the thunder lizards indeed -- you can get more information on it, including where you can buy the toy and how much it'll set you back.

Although, when it comes to making some child happy for Christmas by giving them a loud piano or a giant robotic metallic dinosaur, is price really an object? I think not. It's all about seeing the gleam in that little boy's eye when his roaring metal Space Dinosaur eats his sister's Barbie's head, isn't it? Ah, memories.

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