Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet an old friend again.

Thanks to that little magical guy that comes out this time of year and helps spread joy by giving gifts, you can expect diamond rings and Jaclyn Smith bedding and the Hot Wheels Designer Challenge playset and even LCD TVs under your tree.

Nope, I'm not talking about Santa. Sure, he's cool and all, but Santa doesn't come around until December 25th. I'm talking about the magical little guy that comes NOW, and stays around until the 25th: Mr. Bluelight.

Mr. Bluelight is like a magical Christmas buddy, especially for me. When we were really little, Kmart was the closest "department store" to our house, and our Mom used to take us there for all the shopping, including Christmas shopping, when we'd get to go look at all the toys and tell her what we wanted her to tell Santa we wanted.

Nowadays, Mom isn't around to get the message to Santa, but Mr. Bluelight is, bringing the magic of the "blue light special" to the Kmart LayawayProgram, the program that lets you buy the stuff you want to give (or get) for Christmas today -- and get the awesome sale prices today -- even though you won't have the money yet.

It's not a credit card; it's not spending money you don't have with high interest rates to pay. It's layaway -- buy it now, hold it at the store, pay for it a little at a time, and take it home for Christmas.

Layaway, and Mr. Bluelight, can guarantee that you get that LCD TV for only $299.99, the Hot Wheels set for only $19.99, even a diamond ring that ordinarily sells for more than $6,700, but right now is only $2,015.99. That's a savings of more than $4,000... a savings you can get right now even if you don't have $2,015.99 laying around.

Just go to Kmart, hook up with your old pal, Mr. Bluelight, and let him spread little Christmas layaway magic!
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