Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Infinite Monkeys Table Of Contents

One day, an infinite number of monkeys will be in a book. For now, they are essays and stories and whatnot that don't fit into any other category but exist for a very specific reason that I'm not at liberty to say what it is.

Here's a list of them all:

Our Time-O-Scope Shows That All Of The Kids At The Science Fair Will Go On To Do Great Things, Except For Tommy, Who Will Die Horribly By The End Of This Fair. “Welcome, everyone, to the 14th annual Bronson LaFollette 8th Grade Science Fair,

A Work In Progress, 2:  'two guys talking about football'...

Science Versus Life: So never stayed near the village, which worried his mother no end.

Origami. In a park sits a man. From out of his pocket he pulls a small sheet of paper.

Gravity: Stories. Gravity didn't have to be up and down..

A Work In Progress: Madonna and Lady Gaga are standing in line.

“I Have Been Waiting So Long For My Prime Rib & Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet, I Have Been Able To Read 7 Wikipedia Articles Chosen At Random.” I really think this is ridiculous, don't you honey?

Fox News: "Obama Should Repay Taxpayers For Time Spent Doing NCAA Bracket"

Things I Think Are True About North Dakota: North Dakota was the 31st state, probably...

About The Author: Jim had quite literally done nothing in his life except finish his novel...

This Week On Mars They Found A Rock

2 Frogs

hoc nunc est, quod tunc erat, et nunc… et nunc… et nunc…

Where You Are

Less Successful Sequels To Classic Toys

What Else You God?

What Xmas Means To Me: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Sally, Who Never Existed.

POP QUIZ: Who do we WISH had said What?

the natural order of things is largely determined by what direction we are headed and how fast

What's All This, Then?

Jesus And The Apostles Versus The Dragons

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HEADLINE: “Time Travel Is Only Possible In One Direction, Scientists Say.” Subhead: “Balderdash,” Tim says.

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