Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm my own Secret Santa.

Ice cream, autohammers, and warm jackets... that's the top of my Christmas list, the first three things I've definitely decided to buy for Christmas. And while I know for sure I'm going to get them, I don't need all the money to buy them yet, and I don't need to worry about getting them home yet, and I don't need to worry about hiding them from the people who are going to get them, thanks to the Sears Layaway program.

Layaway is the best thing to happen to Christmas shopping in a long time. It lets me pick out the presents I want to buy, and get them at the great sale prices today, even when I haven't yet saved up all my money for Christmas -- and without buying on credit, so I won't be paying for Christmas for months, or years, after credit card fees.

So the Craftsman Autohammer on sale at Sears right now for just $99.99? On the list, bought on sale, and ready to go: I put it on Layaway and I get today's price but I don't pay for it until I've got the money, and I don't have to worry about Dad seeing it when he comes here for Thanksgiving next week.

The Free Country Boy's jacket, for just twenty-five bucks? Lay it away, man. Lay it away, and Mr F will not be able to find it and throw it at Mr Bunches, and I've got him a new winter coat for Christmas at a price that's unbelievable.

And then, Ice cream, homemade ice cream thanks to the Deni homemade ice cream maker. On Layaway, and waiting comfortably at the store, bought at the sale price of just $44.99, even though I didn't have the $44.99 today. But I can pay for it a little at a time on layaway, and then surprise the lucky recipient with it on Christmas morning.

Although it won't be much of a surprise. The ice cream maker is for ME.


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