Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's probably just something like "importing and exporting."

I honestly don't know how insurance agents stay in business anymore.

Insurance agents exist, as far as I can tell, to take up space in that one building near the minimall, you know the one, where there's also a 'gift shop' that nobody ever goes into and that one office that just says "Joelson," without an explanation?  Oh, and also they -- the agents, not the gift shop or "Joelson"-- are there to help people find lower cost insurance while getting the same coverage, which is no longer necessary because now you can get cheap auto insurance Los Angeles or almost anywhere just by looking on the Internet.

Which is awesome: you used to have to go and talk to people to find insurance quotes, and then take your agents word for which one was best.  "I found you a policy, seems a little expensive, but trust me, this one is definitely the cheapest one out there, don't worry you can pay for it by selling a kidney," and then they drive off in their fleet of Porsches which for some reason are pulled by Percherons in full regalia.

Now, though, you can compare and contrast quotes yourself, immediately:  Go to that site, online -- you could do it once you finish reading this!-- and give them some basic information and you'll find out what insurance companies will charge you for the same coverage on your same car -- and you can save money that way, save time that way,  and avoid having to find out what "Joelson" does.


Andrew Leon said...

I have sometimes thought about looking for cheaper insurance, but, anytime we have had a problem, State Farm has been right there for us, including replacing the bike rack that was stolen off of our car a few weeks ago.

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